Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Paper Chase

It's absolutely amazing how much stuff you have to compile. Here is what we have accomplished so far.....
1. Homestudy
2. Copies of birth, marriage and every other certificate imaginable
3. County and State police clearance
4. Medical examinations and testing
5. Jim's medical documentation as it relates to his phobias
6. Home visits by our social worker
7. Form I-600A to apply to bring a child back to our country
8. and much, much more

We are so excited, we are one step away from having everything completed for our dossier to get it to our facilitator in Ukraine. We have our fingerprint appointments with Homeland Security in Milwaukee next Monday. Then we just wait for our form I-171H -- the form everyone seems to wait for. Once we have that in our hands, we will then send all of our documents off to our Secretary of State's office to get apostilled.

In the meantime, Heather and L. have been communicating as to what Ukraine's plans are for dossier receptions for 2008. We did pre-register on December 24, 2007 as number 6xx. There are 6xx families from around the globe that are in front of us. L indicated in the past, the US dossiers were received in a separate line. If that's the case we don't know where we will fit into the line up. L. thought by the end of this month we should know what the plan is and we'll be ready. L'v best guesses are that we could be looking for Heather's invitation to come over in June or July 08. Until next time, Jim and Heather

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