Saturday, February 16, 2008

Our I-171H Form Arrives!

A week ago Sunday when the weather was awful we decided to check the mailbox on our way into town.  We were shocked to find a thin envelope in the box from Homeland Security.  Furthermore, our I-171H form!  We were so excited!  It seemed like it was going to be inevitable that Jim was going to have to make another trip to Milwaukee to get re-fingerprinted.  When we went there the first time, the lady shook her head and indicated that she had been doing this for 14 years and that Jim would definately be getting a call back as a result of his worn off prints.  Needless to say, the news was much to be thankful for.  We were shocked at how fast the Homeland Security processed our application and expedited our I-171H -- contrary to some of the horror stories that we had heard.  

An update on our progress with our faciliator, L. in Ukraine.....
Heather spoke with L this week and he indicated that the process was working smoothly with the SDA and receptions of dossiers.  Apparently they resumed reception on February 4th (Ironically, Jim's birthday).  L.  also indicated that all of the countries will be melded together in the "line-up" for 2008.  As we indicated in a previous post, we are number 6xx of 1453 families they are going to accept for 2008.  L.  said that the SDA receives an average of 8-10 dossiers a day and when our turn comes up that we should have everything ready for the SDA.  Recall, we have pre-registered and are waiting to submit our complete dossier when our turn comes up.  


James & Lisa, Patrick, Christian, Carson & Baby Sister said...

Hi Jim & Heather. Congrats on the arrival of your I-171H! Email me privately.

Chris and Virginia said...

Congratulations with the 171H. We had a terrible time trying to get our in a timely manner; glad to hear yours went smoothly.

Ukraine sure has changed the process around from last year. I'm not sure if they are ever going to catch up if they keep this up. Then again, maybe they will open up more adoptions.

And yes, we'd love to keep in tough.