Saturday, April 26, 2008

Back to Business After a Little R&R

We had to get out of town for a couple of days for a much needed break. Our normal schedule seems to consume us and it's hard to believe a couple of days in a big city seem like we've been gone for weeks -- it's amazing how the stress just disappears.  Now back to we approached our road, we started thinking of all of the things that we need to get accomplished next week with respect to our jobs and our adoption journey.  We spoke with our facilitator earlier in the week and he indicated that he got everything he needed with respect to our dossier and it safely arrived in Ukraine.  However, like some of the other families we are following, it looks like we too are going to be facing another round of updates on some of our forms -- especially the medical statements.  My husband, Jim is just thrilled about having to go back to the Doctor -- his least favorite place!  On top of it, I hate the thought of another series of HIV, TB and the other fun tests that apparently need to be done in order to update our forms.  The only other update we have to accomplish is on our homestudy which our gracious, social worker has already done.  It sounds like our submission date will be the first part of June and it's hard to believe that we really only have a month to get this stuff done, appostilled and back over to Ukraine.  
We had a great couple of days in Milwaukee and did a lot of walking, shopping and eating at some great restaurants.  Jim's niece, Shelley and her husband, Dave took us out to a fabulous restaurant for dinner -- Eddie Martini's where we enjoyed a first class dinner and catching up.  We also took in a ball game at Miller Park and Jim was even able to endure a loss to the Phillie's just to be able to see the game.  
Thanks for being there for us,
Heather and Jim

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Vince , Shelly and Maddie said...

We are also in the hurry up and wait mode. We will probably have to update medicals and fingerprints before we travel. Our facilitator says this fall. Good luck! (And sorry about my Phillies!)