Thursday, April 10, 2008

Everything is Compiled

The dossier documents are one step closer to being done and shipped over to Ukraine in preparation for our number to come up. In addition to the documents we sent over in December in order to register for 2008, we have a whole new set. We sent an additional 27 documents in yesterday to be appostilled. Our Secretary of State's office is so quick in getting things back to us that we should have them by the beginning of the week and then sent off to L., our facilitator in Ukraine by the end of the week.

There are so many different stories that we are reading on other blogs about other couples getting ready for their numbers to come up as well. Some registered after us and think their turn is coming up this month -- it's all so confusing. So in a panic, I called L. yesterday worried that our number was going to come up and we didn't have our complete dossier over there yet. He said that with his own eyes, he looked at the most current published list and we were not on it. Based on the fact that he does this everyday for a living, he thought it would be sometime in May or early June. Then of course, it is the 3-4 month wait after that before travel. That's all we know for now. Jim & Heather


Susan & Truman said...

Don't worry, I'm sure Lev has you taken care of just fine! (you got ahead of yourself on your blog layout - "The Cox Family" -although I wish we were submitted - have not offically been submitted)
Hopefully we'll hear at the end of the month. I wish the SDA posted that list of families on the net somewhere!!!

Tami said...

If you have the same Lev that we worked with, I'm sure you'll be just fine. We just returned with our daughter, 'Maddie' in February, and while we bumped heads with Lev a few times during the process, I can honestly say he did a fabulous job of getting things done and knows how the system works.
You're in good hands.

Chris and Virginia said...

Unfortunately it isn't always where you think you are in line. There have been at least two couple that submitted their dossier after ours and they have travel dates and we don't. So hang in there and go with the flow.