Monday, April 14, 2008

In Route...The Dossier that is!

We had a lot of exciting things happen today. We got our docs back from the Secretary of State's office after being appostiled and turned around and shipped them off to our facilitator in Ukraine this afternoon via FedEx. I also heard from someone today that is really close to us with respect to dossier submission. She too, is working directly with a facilitator and it felt just awesome to compare stories and know that we are getting the same info from our individual facilitators in Ukraine. We also spoke with our facilitator this afternoon on the phone and he indicated that another family he is working with just got their number published and they pre-registered 3 weeks before us. My new friend also helped me figure out a good estimate for our submission date because she was able to figure hers out to the week of which she just got news that she has been published too. Therefore, we are thinking sometime within the first 2 weeks of June and then travel 2-3 months after. The other news I got from Ukraine today is that as a result of the new Minister for the SDA some changes have been made -- of course my heart stopped that one of the changes could have a direct impact on us. He said that they are no longer permitting unmarried people to adopt from Ukraine. It's really scary that they will keep changing things and it could impact those of us who are on the 2008 list -- let's keep our fingers crossed.

We also heard from another person who posted a comment on our blog that she worked with the same facilitator that we are and had a successful adoption of a little girl in February. It's so nice to hear a good story with a happy ending. Also, to know that we are going to be in good hands. Congratulations, T.

Jim and I are making a lot of changes at home. We are a little superstitious about getting ready for a child and don't want to jinx anything. But, we are making some lifestyle changes and today we signed a contract with a builder to construct a horse barn to accommodate our three horses that we have been boarding forever. Since Jim won't be traveling to Ukraine, I want to get that job accomplished before I go so he isn't left at home with a bunch of psycho horses while they are adjusting to their new environment.

We had a great weekend. It actually snowed -- totally unheard of for this time of year. My step-daughter Meghan and her husband, Ben came up to visit. Meghan is hoping to travel with me as she is a Doctor and could prove to be invaluable. Plus, it would be nice to have a family member with me for at least the SDA meeting and introduction to a child.

Until next time,

Heather & Jim


Christine said...

Hi. I just found your blog through Chris and Virginia's. We are also adopting from Ukraine. :)

Christine said...

BTW, Congrats!

Chris and Virginia said...

That's great news. Though you loose control over the situation now, it also a time of relief. For us, it signaled a time to chill for awhile and regroup; much needed I must say.

Congrats again on another milestone behind you.