Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hopefully, that's it!

At 4:00 this afternoon the last of the updated documents hit the road for Ukraine.  That was fun!  We drove here, there and everywhere to get the stuff done that needed to be updated for our submission date -- all in less than a week.   Today was a real interesting day -- best yet, it wasn't loaded with stress, logistically trying to get documents in order.  For those of you that don't know me, working in the US Senate was a walk in the park compared to this adoption process.  We don't even have a child yet and the stress if overwhelming -- if this is a test, I hope we've passed.  

Back to my story.... I was meeting a friend for breakfast this morning and showed up to the restaurant early and had a conversation with the restaurant owner.  We were talking about the adoption process and started talking about Ukraine.  He told me that he was aware of a family that had ties to Ukraine through their church and I should call them.  So, he gave me this family's info and I phoned them this afternoon.  Not only did this guy know about Ukraine, he was leaving tomorrow for Ukraine on a missionary trip and best yet, we're related.   It's amazing how things happen and how we are met to meet people.  This seems like a real reminder that we are on track with this adoption process.  I was so worried about English tutoring living in the small community that we do.  This family has a young woman who is from Ukraine living with them while she attends the University to obtain her Master's Degree.  She is looking for some part-time work -- perfect.... we now will have someone to tudor.  

I continue to think of those who are stressed about their submissions and those that thought they were submitted to find out they weren't and need to get things updated.  I believe we need to look at the things that drive us to make the decisions that we do.  Two weeks ago, we thought we were toast.  Today, we have optimism.  I won't believe this whole thing will happen until I'm on my way back to the States with a child in hand.  Until then, it's a crap shoot.  So, please realize that you are not alone!   

Until next time, Heather


Christine said...

I sure hope you hear some exciting news soon!

MamaPoRuski said...

Congratulations on your progress! Found your blog today! May God continue to grant you peace on this journey!