Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We Got News!

Last Friday as we were heading to my step-son's graduation from law school, we got an email on the PDA from our facilitator that we have a submission date -- June 2nd!  We were so excited about the news.  The scary part is that we were on our way out of town for a long weekend of family celebrations in honor of the graduate and the thoughts kept going through our minds of the remaining documents that we need to get updated, apostilled and over to Ukraine in time for our submission -- yikes!  We got the last of the documents today and sent them off to the Secretary of State hoping that they respond as quickly as usual so we can get our stuff over to Ukraine for translation and submission.   

We thought we had all of the final documents in order to frantically get them sent out today (we are really getting close to the deadline) and the one updated document that got lost in the mail was from just a short 40 mile trip away via the postal service!  Go figure, we had to hop in the car and go get another set of documents with new notaries today.  At the same time we had to go 60 miles in another direction for a doctor's appointment that we couldn't reschedule.  It's amazing in the moments of panic as we were trying to accomplish this stuff, and life at the same time, how you find out who your friends really are.  Deb and Steph from Heather's office compiled a bunch of documents and kept things in order.  Mary and Laura from Jim's office did all of the coordination with UPS and notarizing.  So, what seemed like the most chaotic day, actually wasn't so bad at the end.  Thanks to all of you for your help! Jim & Heather


Anonymous said...

I understand what you are saying regarding our submission, however, there are several families who completed their dossier after us who have already submitted and families who completed their dossier before us who don't have submissions. I think it really all depends on how good your facilitator is and what his/her connections are. FYI - we completed our dossier end of Jan., not March. Congrats on your submission date. - Susan

David & Monica said...

Yea !!!! Wonderful news on obtaining a submission date. You are in our prayers for a safe and successfully delivery of your Dossier. Best of Luck :-)