Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's Bad when You're on a First Name Basis with the Secretary of State's Office

We called the Secretary of State's office today to let them know that we are hopefully mailing the last of the documents to them to be apostilled.  The lady that we always deal with, said that she couldn't believe the amount of paperwork that we've run through their office.  It's pretty bad when you mention your name on the phone to someone you've never met and they know who you are!  She was kind enough to agree to FED/EX the documents directly to Ukraine to save us a day or two.  Today we mailed out the additional information that was needed for our submission!  I'm thinking the documents should be there by the middle of next week.  We've informed our facilitator that we want the documents submitted to the SDA immediately.  Our facilitator informed us last week that we have up to and anytime before the 26th to re-submit and quite frankly, we don't want to wait that long to wait even longer for an appointment date.  The waiting is overwhelming and we haven't even gone past the first step!  I take that back -- I guess the submission is the first step and we are hopefully going to be done with that shortly!  Based on the other families that we are following, the process seems to be moving along quite swiftly.  Our facilitator told us the same thing.  Until next time, Heather and Jim

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MamaPoRuski said...

LOL! Yes, I know our window people at the office as well. I even know how they like their morning coffee...Just when you think you are done, there seems to be "one more" that someone wants somewhere! May you TRULY be done!