Monday, November 3, 2008

We're Almost out of Here!

Today we went to the Embassy approved doctor for the girls medical examinations. The medical center was filled with families moving to America and other foreign countries. Apparently the doctor we visited is approved by most of the embassies for permanent placement in the various countries. There was only one other adoptive family there with a little boy that was heading back to America. They have also been here for a while. I felt so bad for the father -- he had no idea where they had even been for the last month adopting their son. I thought I had it bad! He and his wife appeared to be completely exhausted and full from the process. Quite surprised, I also thought they would have been more receptive to the thoughts of communicating with another adoptive family from home. I guess we all digest information and situations differently. I would have never made it this far without the love and support from my fellow adoptive families from Amercia -- those that have been here, those that are in process and those hoping to start the journey. I can't thank you enough. I also never realized how many friends Jim and I are fortunate to have in our lives -- thank you! Most importantly we can't thank our family enough for their love and support and knowing how to deal with me in what was to say at the least, a very challenging time in my life. Living in Ukraine and going through this process alone requires so much strength. I would not have been able to do it without the strength and support of my family. Most importantly, Jim...... thanks for being the best husband ever and giving us the chance to raise these two beautiful daughters we now have. The ironic part is you've never met these girls and I know how much you already love them.

Tomorrow we pick upthe visas for the girls and then wait another 2 days before we can come home. For the next 48 hours I will be chomping at the bit to get out of this place. I can't wait to see the looks on the faces of the girls when we get on an airplane for their first time!

Until next time,


cara said...

Congratulations, you made it!!! And you beat us home =)
We hope to be close behind you with Embassy visits next week if everything goes alright. Cara

Anonymous said...


I have tried keep up with your joys and sorrows, weaknesses and strengths, hopes and prayers through this site, talking to Jim, and listening to Stephanie. You may not know that Jim and I each watch the skies during our evening walks looking for airplanes and knowing that soon, you and your new family will coming on one of them. Best wishes. May God give you strength and peace.

[And oh yes, I did cancel all of you Dad's votes today.]

David Sautebin

adopting2fromUkraine said...

You probably thought you'd never get to this place, but now you're here, almost home and with two girls in tow!:) Wish you lived closer to us. Karina would love having two new friends.

Have a safe trip home!


adoptyaroslav said...

So wonderful to hear that you're almost home! I keep meaning to email you about married single status, but life keeps getting in the way. Maybe you will have a little time to chat about it after you have been home with your girls for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Almost home! I can't imagine your happiness at witnessing the firsts with the girls, it is a great time, isn't it? We are all so happy for you, things happen for a reason and usually good comes from the bad. The girls look just like you, Heather... Safe trip home.


Anonymous said...

You made it! I am so happy for you and Jim. I can't wait to see you and the girls. I cant image how excited you are to get home and for Jim to have you home with your new family. I think about you everyday and can't wait to get into work in the morning to check what is new on the blog. Can't wait to see you and give you a big hug!

Love, Holly

Helayne and Howard said...

welcome to a special community of parents who really understand waiting years for children and finally making it happen...I only pray that your girls give you as much joy as ours have...BEST OF LUCK!

Chris and Virginia said...

Yeah!! You all are almost there. How exciting and we can't wait to be there outselves.

You have two very lovely girls there and they are definately sisters. I'll send an email with our contact info so when we are both home they can chat.

This region is being a real bugger for paperwork. The Notary lost some of our papers early on, then the paperwork from the school was not complete and we needed 4 papers to prove that the missing paper was indeed true, then the Notary goofed the paperwork to Kiev. They are serious about their paperwork, now if they can only hold onto it.

God Speed on your departure. You may want to pick up some dramamine for the plane flight. Worst case, they sleep through some of the flight.

Anonymous said...

Heather and Jim,

I know that you and the girls will be very busy meeting family and settling in. When things calm down a bit, I'm looking forward to meeting Ana and Dasha. Congratulations again and again.


The D'Antuono Family said...

OM! I read this days ago and thought that I left a comment!! YIKES! Heather- you know how excited I am for you, the girls and Jim! What an amazing journey you have been on! I can't wait to hear all about this last step! Congrats again! YOU DID IT!!! :)

The Coleman Family said...

Hello, it was great to meet you on the plane from Kiev to Detroit. My wife is finishing the 10 day wait before she can begin working on passports and medical work in Kiev. We are adopting 3 girls (13, 11, and 6) and after almost 3 years are very happy to almost have our new daughters home. It has been very much due to the support of our family and friends that this has been a success for us. I am very happy to have met you and wish you and your family the best. We might be going back in Feb / March for a 10 year old boy from the same orphanage in Matveevka so, who is ready for another trip to Ukraine?

Mike Coleman