Monday, October 31, 2011

Gotcha Date -- 3 year anniversary.

Today we celebrate another year in America with the girls. They have adjusted to life remarkably well in just three short years. It's, I had a conference with Ana's math teacher and he had no idea that she has only been speaking English for three years. It's amazing how they just want to fit in and act like they have been in America forever. However, a little sad that they have no desire to speak Russian -- not even to each other. They now tell us that they don't even remember any words. I guess that means Santa will have on his list this year another version of Rosetta Stone and this time for Russian!

Lots of exciting things happened for the girls this year. They moved to a new school and are just finishing their first quarter at Sevastopol School. They have met an incredible group of new friends and it seems like they have been there forever. Ana just finished her first year of volleyball (I knew we would eventually find that hidden Eastern European athletic talent)-- she's a natural. Dasha is winding down her basketball season and for the first year, she actually gets in there and roughs it up a little instead of just running beside the ball. She has made remarkable progress. She is a true athlete, but just not sure of herself.

Ana turned into a teenager in February when she turned 13. In June Dasha celebrated her 11th birthday.

We have also added a new Russian to the household -- Laika. Tomorrow our little Siberian husky will be 4 months old.

Everyday is a blessing --sometimes a new gray hair and a Calgon moment, but always a blessing.

Until next time,
Heather and Jim

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MamaPoRuski said...

Wow have they grown! Congratulations on three years as family!