Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer of 2013

Hello! This is Ana... In a few more months, along with my sister Dasha, I will be celebrating our 5-year anniversary of being in the United States. As my dad often says, 'Time flies when you're having fun.', he's definitely correct about that! I'm so fortunate to be here with my new family, I absolutely adore them. I really don't want to think about how my old life may have been like right now.....This is where I belong, in a perfectly safe home. I don't have to be cautious of all my surroundings the way I used to. Anyway... I turned 15 years old last Febuary and very soon I will be starting High School, I guess you could say I'm a "tad" nervous. This summer I'm very focused on participating in volleyball events and waterskiing with my family. I also cant get behind in school when the time comes, therefore I spend time writing and reading--which I very much love and almost can't get enough of. Since all my focus goes to the English language at the moment, I try as often as i can to refresh my memory of Russian. I know I feel like I'm losing it all but I'm often reminded that being familiar with multiple languages will be a massive help when I become an adult. I believe it very much and my effort will be put to it. Hopefully, I can get a chance to post on my mom's blog in the future. As mentioned before, writing is my thing! I just really wanted to say how amazing my life is and has been for many years. I really can't be more thankful.... I love everything here--family, friends, school.... I can't be a happier person :).                                                                                          


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